Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Here's Wishing...

Love it or hate it... my family's doing another Secret Santa gift exchange this year. I love the idea of it: dad-in-law created a program to randomize selections every year so that you don't get your immediate family members and you don't get the same person you got the year before. Then we all post our wishlists online, pick out presents for our person, and trade them on Christmas Eve.

Unfortunately, not everyone in the family is tech-savvy enough to follow and read the bare bones wishlist (it really is an ugly, ugly page). In fact, for the past two years, the people who have gotten me for the exchange haven't even bothered reading my list, and I've just been stuck with giftcards for places I don't normally shop at. I still love them though.

This year, in an attempt to thwart the non-techies in the family, I've made my wishlist as user-friendly as possible. In fact, you don't have to navigate away from the page to find the prices or where they're available. Our limit is $50, but I've made everything on my list under $30. It's a tough year... who knows where the economy is going... I don't want anyone to go broke over me.

So... allow me to present my wishlist!!!
1. Pottery Barn Linen Pinboard 2. groundwork - Good Company Print 3. groundwork - A Grand Discovery Print 4. Home Sweet Home Mail Hook 5. Cupcake bowl 6. Mirabel - Lucky Owl Print 7. Mirabel - Kokeshi Madonna and Child 8. Simple Scrapbooks Subscription 9. Alphabet Stamp Set 10. BlueLounge - Cable YoYo


Fine Little Day said...

The cupcake bowl, number 5 is now on my wish list too.

SimplyGrove said...

What great finds!!!