Friday, December 5, 2008

Ironic isn't It?

The economy is in the dumps. People are losing their jobs all over the place. And I originally started this blog as a road map for my sisters and friends on how to handle your finances. I'm pretty sure you can't tell that from anything I've written so far.

Every time the news comes on and reminds me that I still don't have a job and mostly likely won't have one for a really long time... I just want to shop more and spend more. Maybe my spending habits will save the economy. I've certainly had enough shoes sitting in my living room to open my own shop. I also know that the UPS guy saves my house for last... he rarely makes it here before seven.

My husband is convinced that my shopping habits are keeping the poor UPS guy from his family. Does anyone know how that works? Do they have to finish their deliveries before they go home? Maybe my guy just has a late shift. How do they determine how long the UPS guy works?

It's not quite as bad as it sounds.... honest. I've sent almost every pair of shoes back to the store. I am actually resisting quite well. If I had a kid... they could've built a whole series of forts out of the shoeboxes... but I sent them ALL back. Thank goodness for free shipping!

Is anyone else finding it harder to resist all the deals the stores are throwing out at us? Is it just me?

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