Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lovely Support Group

Joslyn over on Simple Lovely is starting a spending hiatus support group. I definitely need this. I'm going to start next Monday and keep this up until the end start of June. Actually... let's make this easier... I can't spend more than twenty dollars a month on non-essentials (food, utilities, gas).

It's already too late for this week. I went out with a few friends for San Diego's Restaurant Week, (absolutely delicious and planned for since it was their Christmas present from me), bought myself a new pair of boots (on sale and with a ton of coupons), a new pair of sneakers (so I can work on the exercising part of my resolution), and a bright yellow jacket from Gap.

I think I'll be good and return the jacket. Or not. Or yes. Or... well... perhaps I'll get it later as an early reward to myself when it goes on sale. Maybe it'll be less than twenty bucks so I won't be breaking any rules. I'll let you know when I get it back to the store. If I don't, please remind to get on it.

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